Registration Information:

***Players can be carded to only  1  USYSA/OSYSA team, at a time, per seasonal year (ie: Fall 2017/Spring 2018).

A representative from the team must complete the online registration (adding coaches, players, etc) and make a carding appointment with the office located closest to them. Please use the carding checklist below to be sure that you have all the proper items ready prior to arriving for your appointment. At the appointment, you should have the Paperwork in order of Rosters, Cards, Coaches Paperwork, Player Paperwork by Player in alphabetical order by last name to match the roster.

Teams must ‘Apply to the League’ for each Fall and each Spring season they want to play. Once a team is accepted, the system will create the team registration and an ID and Password will be emailed. 

In-Season Information:

Common Forms:


Uploading Pictures? The system has a few glitches. Here are some tips! Picture size should be 65 x 65 pixels and it should be a head shot only. When uploading pictures – please be sure they are named alphanumerically only. Please be sure the extension .jpg is in smaller case. We acknowledge these things should not make a difference, but they do.