These instructions are for Out of State teams carding to play in our league.

If you are carding through another state, which keeps you eligible to play in that State’s State Cup

  • You will card your team through your State’s League
  • Send or bring us your  APPROVED PLAYER AND COACH PASSES (we will stamp them BPYSL)
  • Send or bring us your approved STATE APPROVED ROSTER (we will stamp it BPYSL)
  • Send or bring us a TEAM CONCUSSION RELEASE signed by each players parent/guardian and distribute the State Ohio Concussion information for Parents.
  • Send or bring us an OSYSA APPROVED RISK MANAGEMENT for each coach
  • Send or bring us Signed Lindsay’s Law forms for players and coaches

Please be sure to DECLARE YOUR TEAM and enter your players in our ONLINE REGISTRATION system. You will not print roster and cards from our system, however, we need each player and coach entered for our records.

You can send the above documents to our main office and we will stamp and return the roster and cards to you via priority mail.
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League – CARDING
670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd. #D
Worthington, Ohio 43085

If you Intend on playing Ohio State Cup you will cared through BPYSL and  must follow our carding instructions found on our TEAM UTILITIES page. This makes you ineligible for another State’s State Cup.