Please READ and be ADVISED:

  1. When your team is accepted to play in the league, you will receive an acceptance notice.
  2. Soon following, the head coach and team contact on the application will receive information on how to DECLARE YOUR TEAM in the BPYSL online registration system.
  3. After your team is declared, the head coach and team contact will receive a team number and password for you to enter your players in the online registration system to card your team.
    ****It is very IMPORTANT that you carefully and accurately enter CONTACT information.****

CLICK HERE to begin the U10-U14 Spring 2014  Buckeye Premier Application process.

***REF FEES have INCREASED for U15 & Older teams, immediately, s well as for the Spring 2014 season for U10 – U14 teams. – - Details here: BPYSL REF FEES 2014

New for the 2012 / 2013 seasonal year:

Clubs and their teams are being given the option to choose whether they want to play in a division composed of teams registered as Ohio South / US Youth teams or a division composed of US Club registered teams or they can choose to participate in both formats.

Ohio South / Us Youth Division Names: US Club Division Names
State League Division USC – Division A
Elite Division USC – Division B
Premier 1 USC – Division C
Premier 1 USC – Division D
Premier 2 USC – Division E

Use the above link to apply now.

COACHES AND TEAM ADMINS:  All teams are reminded that teams MUST first register all of their players with Buckeye Premier before they register with another league.

Teams should use the Buckeye Premier online system to print their coach and player passes and have them stamped by a Buckeye Premier registrar.

They should then take the un-laminated pass to the registrar of the other and have it double stamped.

Teams from outside of Ohio South should contact the Buckeye Premier office:
Tel: 614-436-6775

View the 2013-2014 Buckeye Premier Calendar (PDF)