***Please Note the following below BEFORE completing your Application- 

  • When you complete the application, the TEAM CONTACT information should be someone directly affiliated with the team as this is the information that is used for sending emails and login/score passwords. 
  • For Spring Applications- Teams that DID play this previous Fall season for BPYSL will Apply as a Returning Team for Spring and must select the same Team Number/Team Name as they were this past Fall Season. Teams that DID NOT play this previous Fall Season with BPYSL will apply as a New Team for Spring and will need to enter their team name as instructed below. 
  • Be sure that your TEAM NAME is exactly how you would like it to appear on Rosters, Cards, Schedules, Standings, etc. before hitting submit (we cannot correct it later). Many clubs like their name/initials first, Team, then Gender/Age. Example: Club Buckeye- Enter as Club Buckeye Black G01 or CB Black G01. 

 CLICK HERE  to Apply U15 to U18 teams for the SPRING 2018 season

Soon after the application period is closed, emails will be sent out to teams with their acceptance status. After teams have been accepted, we will begin assigning teams to brackets/divisions.

Please visit the Forms/Policies/Utilities> Team Utilities Page for required paperwork and procedures on registration and carding for once a team’s application is accepted.

Buckeye Divisions: 

  • State (Top)
  • Elite (Middle)
  • Premier (Lower)
  • Challenge (Lowest)


Fall 2017/Spring 2018 BPYSL –Click Here for League Fees, Referee Fees, Birth Year Chart, Field Size, & Game length


Scheduling Meeting for U10 & Older is Sunday July 23rd at 

Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center Building
823 Area A, Gate 12A, Wright Patterson Airforce Base, Fairborn, OH 45433-5000  *You must only enter through Gate A


U10’s, U11’s, U12’s (all 9v9 teams)- 10:00am
U15’s- 12:00pm
U13’s, U14’s- 1:30pm

U16 & Older SCHEDULING for FALL 2017:

Bracketing and Scheduling for the FALL 2017 U16-U18/19 teams will be August 9th -20th 2017 . We will determine brackets and teams will schedule with each other via email and phone and will submit their schedule to Buckeye via google form to be provided.

Clarification for 2003 Birth Years: If you have any players with a 2003 Birth Year on your team,  you must apply as a U15 team for the fall.  In the spring, all teams with any 2003 birth year players will be put in a U15 Bracket.

Additional Information:

  1. When your team application is accepted to play in the league, you will receive an acceptance notice and your team will be registered and the login and password will be emailed to the contacts on file.
  2. Soon following,  team contacts will receive bracket placement information.

COACHES AND TEAM ADMINS:  Teams MUST first register all of their players with Buckeye Premier before they register with another league.

Teams should use the Buckeye Premier online system to print their coach and player passes and have them stamped by a Buckeye Premier registrar.

They should then take the un-laminated pass to the registrar of the other and have it double stamped.

Teams from outside of Ohio South should contact the Buckeye Premier office:
Tel: 614-436-6775