Teams must work together to request a change.  It is assumed any request submitted was mutually agreed upon.

Refer to the POLICIES regarding approved reasons to reschedule games as well as canceling games so you will not be charged referee and penalty fees.

PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE and work together if a team needs to request a game change.  Do not throw around the term FORFEIT lightly. There are large penalty costs associated with forfeits, so if you are willing to forfeit, please have a check ready for theses costs.

To Submit a Game Change Request:

STEP 1:  Email your opponent via our TEAM CONTACTS to find a mutual date to reschedule the game.

STEP 2: Check field availability – FIELD AVAILABILITY 11v11 as of 1/12/17  Field availability changes constantly so it is best to submit more than 1 option.

You can also check our fields list to see what fields are available to us. You may certainly schedule at your own facility, but you must follow your own club/facilities protocol to do so. We will not pay for a facility that we do not already have under contract.

STEP 3:  Then go to the ONLINE GAME RESCHEDULE REQUEST  and enter the game number and details to submit your request.

STEP 4:  If APPROVED, check the ONLINE SCHEDULE to VERIFY that all information for the game change is accurate. If the request is DENIED, we will send you an email back with a reason for the denial.

PLEASE NOTE: Game Change Requests will be addressed by date of play. For instance, dates of play in March will be addressed prior to games with dates of play in May. May dates could take weeks to get to depending on the number of game changes in March and April that are submitted.

If you are concerned about your game change request because the game date or reschedule date is less than 10 days away, please call our office at 614-436-6775.

Other inquiries can be sent to: