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APPLICATIONS FOR FALL 2018 were due on July 1st!!! If you still need to apply, click on the Application/Registration menu above for the link and complete ASAP and Call our office.

BPYSL Fall 2018 Brackets Version FINAL




10:00AM- U13, U14, & U15 Age Groups

12:00PM-  U11, & U12

Scheduling Location:
Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center Building
823 Area A, Gate 12A, Wright Patterson Airforce Base, Fairborn, OH 45433-5000  *You must only enter through Gate A


PLEASE DISREGARD ANY PRIOR YEAR REGISTRATION INFO OR PROCEDURES … We will ONLY be using the “OLD” BPYSL registration system for bracketing, scheduling, and communication.  The password will be used to log scores. DO NOT ADD PLAYERS TO THE OLD BPYSL SYSTEM! Clubs/Teams and Parents/Players are required to use the OSYSA STACK / BLUESTAR Sports system for Player, Coach, and Team Registration which should be able to be accessed from the Club’s website.


If BPYSL has accepted your team,  you may go into your Stack Sports account and request team activation.

All club accounts are initially set up in Stack with one main user.  That person is responsible for adding team admins if they choose to. It has been suggested that the program be managed by fewer people.  Many clubs may not need to give access to team admins or coaches.  At this point it would be very time consuming to train each individual.  Parents now enter all their info and upload documents for you so there is no longer a need to collect paperwork.  Once initial set up is complete it is a quick and easy process of drag and drop to add players to teams.  This system has removed the need to process paperwork and enter players one by one. Parents/Players will use the Club link for Stack on your Club’s website to access the system to register their player and upload their required paperwork.

Please Note: BPYSL can not help add anyone to the club accounts nor can we see the club account.  Please contact your club administrator if you have questions.

Carding Procedures:

STEP 1- Club Must Login to Stack to Activate your Team with Buckeye Premier League:
A. Log into your “ie:clubnamehere” account

B. Open the team in your event

C. In the box labeled Coach & Players click on Request Team Activation

D. Choose Buckeye Premier from the drop down box

E. Click submit request

STEP 2- Review all of your player data. Pictures must be a clear and visible head shot resembling a driver’s license photo.  Proof of birth needs to be large enough to read when it is opened. Not reviewing these can delay carding.

STEP 3- Once you have checked all data is correct and all players have been added to the team you must email the office to request for your players to be verified-  Please include the following in the subject line: Ready for age verification Gender/age/team name. Please be sure you are naming teams to include your club name. For example- Club X 2004 Boys White.  Your team name listed in the email must match the team name in the system.

STEP 4- Once All of your players have been verified by BPYSL and coaches are accepted (club will see all green indicators in their stack system next to each player’s name), the club should go back into the team and in the ‘Leagues & Tournaments box’ click on ‘Register for a League or Tournament’.  You will complete this registration process.

STEP 5- Once the registration is complete, please contact the office closest to you to schedule your appointment to cut, laminate, and take your cards and rosters. This appointment will take less than 15 minutes as we will already have your cards and rosters printed.

***Please note that the Parents/Players and Coaches are now responsible for entering their information- Teams/Clubs cannot do it for them as there are electronic signatures built into the online forms. The Club must setup the link on their own website for Parent/Players and Coaches to access the Stack system to enter this information. The Clubs have all received several emails from Ohio South regarding this setup.

If you are a CLUB in BPYSL and DO NOT HAVE A STACK SPORTS WEB/SYSTEM and/or a LINK SETUP for PARENTS/COACHES- Contact OHIO SOUTH- Joe Gould at Immediately to get set up for your club team.

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING BRACKETS & SCHEDULING***-  Contact list will be posted under Utilities for teams to begin preliminary scheduling (field availability will not be posted until the scheduling meeting but times will be the standard 9:00am, 10:45am, 12:30pm, 2:15pm, 4:30pm, 5:45pm on weekends and 5:30pm and later on weeknights).

  • League and Referee Fees can be found on the menu above under Application/Team Login/Fees

EMERGENCY CELL NUMBER- George 740-604-0779

Please use this number with discretion for emergency situations! If you are at a field and there are NO referees 15 min prior to game time, you can call this cell. Just remember if you are at a complex with multiple games going on, referees may not arrive until closer to game time.

***DO NOT use this cell to check on field status- please refer to the field status instructions here

***DO NOT use this cell to cancel or request game changes- please refer to the online game change procedures on the schedules menu above

A few reminders about the scheduling meetings:

-Mandatory that there is at least 1 representative per team in attendance at the scheduling meeting-Weekend Game Times– 9:00am, 10:45am, 12:30pm, 2:15pm, 4:00pm, 5:45pm

-Weekday Game Times– 5:30 or later-Teams do have the option to schedule at their own complex as long as they have permission from the facility and are responsible for any applicable facility fees. Please keep in mind that it is hard to get referee crews to a single game so scheduling at a facility with multiple fields/games being scheduled is preferred.

-Bracket groups must play either 6, 7, or 8 games. Each bracket group will determine the number of games to be played in their bracket and ALL TEAMS within that bracket must play the same number of agreed upon games.
*Brackets with 5 teams should play each team 2x for 8 games or 2 teams 2x for 6 games.
*Brackets with 9 teams should play each team 1x for 8 games.
*Brackets with 6,7,or 8 teams may play 6 or 7 games so that each team plays each other 1x (if they want more than 6 or 7 games, teams will have to play some teams 2x).
*Brackets with more than 9 teams will not play all teams in the bracket.
-Fees are always DUE at or before the scheduling meeting:
Scheduling Sheets will be handed out at the tables.

Other Commonly Requested Information:

If you need help on steps for Adding Players, Carding, etc please go to our Team Utilities page for team admin and coach help!

New Foreign Player International Clearance Process Rules and Forms-

Inclement Weather & Game Suspension

Game Change Procedures & Field Availability

Game Changes, Cancellation, and No Show Policies

Buckeye Premier Contacts & Office Locations


Playing in Other Ohio South / US Youth Soccer Leagues is Encouraged!
Although other leagues in the area may put up roadblocks to teams being able to participate in multiple leagues, we work with our teams.  This is one of the reasons we allowed teams to prepare their own schedule to avoid conflicts with other leagues as well as tournaments, etc. If teams prepare for the Scheduling Meetings, self-scheduling will also eliminate tournament conflicts.