Click Here for Fall 2016 BRACKETS as of Noon 7/15/2016

**The BRACKETS are FINAL. There are a couple LARGE brackets- if you would like to move up or down out of one of these large brackets (ie: U15 Boys Elite 1) please call us. If teams don’t move, you will choose 8 teams to play from the bracket for a maximum of 8 games.

If you feel you need to discuss your team’s placement, you must call our office 614-436-6775- please do not email. We are now in the process of completing scheduling sheets based on the brackets for the meeting on Sunday.

Club Login and Passwords have been emailed to the Club Admin so that teams can be declared and coaches/players can be registered. When declaring your team, please try to use the same Team Name that is listed on the Brackets posted above (do not use periods, slashes, dashes, apostrophes, etc. in the team name).


 July 17th at the Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center Building
823 Area A, Gate 12A, Wright Patterson Airforce Base, Fairborn, OH 45433-5000  *You must only enter through Gate A


U15 & U14 – 10:00am
U13 – 11:30am
U12,U11, & U10 – 2:00pm

*U16+ Scheduling will be August 14th at a location TBD

*Be sure to checkout the Fall Invitational Menu for information on the new Buckeye Fall Invitational September 24-25, 2016*

FALL 2016 League Fees, Referee Fees, Age Group, & Field Sizes

Inclement Weather & Game Suspension

Game Change Tips, & Suggestions & Field Availability

Please go to our Team Utilities page for team admin and coach help!

Buckeye Premier Contacts & Office Locations

Game Changes, Cancellation and No Show Policies


Playing in Other Ohio South / US Youth Soccer Leagues is Encouraged!
Although other leagues in the area may put up roadblocks to teams being able to participate in multiple leagues, we work with our teams.  This is one of the reasons we allowed teams to prepare their own schedule to avoid conflicts with other leagues as well as tournaments, etc. If teams prepare for the Scheduling Meetings, self-scheduling will also eliminate tournament conflicts.