PLEASE – CLICK HERE – for Field Status hotline numbers.


  1. Please try to play your games as scheduled. Field time and space is very limited this spring.
  2. If you reschedule a game it must be prior to 72 hours or by Tuesday for a weekend game or the canceling team will pay for FULL FEE for the referees.
  3. ALWAYS check the ONLINE SCHEDULE prior to your games, because what is posted there, is what stands.
  4. Please be sure to check the hotlines for  FIELD STATUS as some fields are too saturated for play and have closed.

GAME CHANGES: We are doing game changes in the order of which they are to be replayed.  Please do not call the office for games to be replayed in April and May. We are still working on March and will get to April and May as soon as we can. 
Please DO NOT submit your request via email, it will not be considered. You must use the GAME CHANGE form, after you and your opponent have agreed on a time and date.
For game change or scheduling questions, email George,

Carding your team? You should call the appropriate office for an appointment. All appointments should be made 7 to 10 days PRIOR to your first team commitment.
For carding questions email –

REF FEES have INCREASED – Details here: BPYSL REF FEES 2014

Buckeye Premier Contacts & Office Locations

Playing in Other Ohio South / US Youth Soccer Leagues is Encouraged!
Although other leagues in the area may put up roadblocks to teams being able to participate in multiple leagues, we work with our teams.  This is one of the reasons we allowed teams to prepare their own schedule to avoid conflicts with other leagues as well as tournaments, etc. If teams prepare for the Scheduling Meetings, self-scheduling will also eliminate tournament conflicts.