To check field status – you should ALWAYS check the  BPYSL Field Status Hotline: 1-888-431-2786

URGENT: GAME SCHEDULES & WINTER WEATHER – Saturday, 2/28/2015 and Sunday, 3/1/2015 games have all been CANCELED! Exception – we cannot provide status for games scheduled on your own, such as at Beavercreek and Town & Country High Schools or via a tournament. Please check with whom ever scheduled that facility for you.   ALL OTHER GAMES, BEYOND THIS WEEKEND,  ARE AS SCHEDULED until otherwise notified by our office. Thank you!

Game Changes, Cancellation and No Show Policies

Please go to our Team Utilities link for team admin and coach help!

You should call the appropriate office for an appointment.
All appointments should be made 7 to 10 days PRIOR to your first team commitment.

For carding questions email –

Buckeye Premier Contacts & Office Locations

2014 Fall Ref Fees (each team pays ½)
60 Minute 8v8 Matches (U-10, U-11, U-12) $88.00 ($36 – $26 – $26)
70 Minute 11v11 Matches (U-12, U-13, U-14) $100.00 ($40-$30-$30)

Playing in Other Ohio South / US Youth Soccer Leagues is Encouraged!
Although other leagues in the area may put up roadblocks to teams being able to participate in multiple leagues, we work with our teams.  This is one of the reasons we allowed teams to prepare their own schedule to avoid conflicts with other leagues as well as tournaments, etc. If teams prepare for the Scheduling Meetings, self-scheduling will also eliminate tournament conflicts.